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Popov Dmitriy Ivanovich, Doctor of engineering sciences, professor, sub-department of radio engineering systems, Ryazan State Radio Engineering University (59/1 Gagarina street, Ryazan, Russia)

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Background. The object of the research is the systems for digital processing of signals of moving targets at the background of clutters, performing autocompensation of the Doppler phase of a clutter and coherent rejection of a clutter followed by coherently weight accumulation of rejection residues. The rejecter filter (RF) is represented by a recursive filter, which reduces the transient time through its structuring by switching the inverse (recursive) bonds. The subject of the research is the dependences of the threshold relation signal/(clutter+noise) of digital signal processing systems. The research purpose is to optimize the weighting factors based on  the coherent storage of transients in a recursive RF.
Materials and methods. Optimization of a coherent-weight drive in the transition mode was made on the basis of the extreme properties of eigenvalues of matrixes and selecting the optimal weight vector corresponding to the maximum eigenvalue. 
Results. The expressions for the elements of the correlation matrix at the output of the RF tunable and fixed structures in the transitional regime were obtained. The correlation matrixes at the output of the RF are the starting point in the subsequent optimization of a coherent-weight drive.
Conclusions. Auto-compensation of the Doppler phase of a clutter, the recursive RF restructuring and optimization of a multi-channel coherent-weight drive at the required dynamic range of the receiver provide high efficiency moving target signal processing at the background of clutters.

Key words

correlation matrix, optimization methods, restructuring, transitional regime, recursive rejector filter, processing system.

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